Инвесткорп в Бахрейне объявил об инвестициях в Китай в размере 250 млн долларов

 Компания инвестирует до 150 миллионов долларов во втором раунде нового фонда экономики Everbright в Китае Everbright


Bahrain’s Investcorp has announced its first investment in China through a fund created by asset manager China Everbright Limited.

The company will invest up to $ 150m in the second round of the China Everbright Limited. New Economy Fund and an additional co-investment of up to $ 100m.


The first round of the fund, which invests in Chinese technology companies, received a commitment of $ 313m.

Investcrop said the Chinese economy was increasingly attractive for private equity investors.

«Today, China is a pivotal pillar of the global economy and a critical component of a balanced global asset allocation strategy,» said executive chairman Mohammed Alardhi.


Investcorp said last month it expected to make its first direct investments in China and India within 18 months.

The company has to date mainly focussed on Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and the United States, where it has recently been acquired for approximately $ 300m.

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